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Smooth Tufa - End Cap - Teagan Knobs - KXST040

Smooth Tufa - End Cap - Teagan Knobs - KXST040

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The Smooth Tufa System from Kilter is live! Get your own and set a showpiece in your gym - all your customers will want to climb it! Smooth Tufa 40 is a set of Teagan-themed end caps that look like friendly little faces. This set work well as stand-alone holds or in pairs of two, or with the larger system! They make good feet and some are good as hands - crimps, slopers, or pinches. One connection end per. Modular - each Smooth Tufa piece has one or multiple places to connect to other tufa pieces. Connect them or use end caps to set them individually. This modular system can be set on any angle and can be used on easy climbs and hard ones. Super strong and flexible Dannomond. Produced at Composite-X and available worldwide. 10 Pieces

Brand: Kilter

Material: PU

Texture: Textured

Fixing Type: Screw On

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