Serious Climbing Distribution

Advice and Consultation

Why not use our expertise to equip your gym or commercial project? We have been designing and building climbing walls and gyms for close to 30 years, we operate our own gym and we have been buying holds for more than 25 years and supplying the UK’s leading gyms with their holds for the last ten years, so we really have a grip on what works and what doesn't.

We can help you set your budget for your holds, macros and volumes, based on the size of the facility and type of clientele you expect to cater for.  We can either make your selection for you, based on your budget, or we can give your selection a once over to check it’s the best for your needs based on what we know about the industry and the UK market.

As soon as you know what you are doing, then talk to us at the start. We can even provide one of our leading route setters to help decide on your route setting style and goals and then to help you make the selection, after all, this is the most important amount you will spend in your entire climbing gym and one that will make or break your opening reputation. So, leave nothing to chance and engineer the best facility from the start.  They can even factor in what other holds you might already have or another choice of holds you want to include. The holds should be selected to work together and there is nothing we love more than seeing a new or refurbished gym flourish because they got the best holds and great route setting at the heart of what they do.
Once you have decided on the holds and routesetting, then you can start to plan the walls.  The biggest mistake people make when opening a climbing gym is to start designing the walls, without thinking about the climbing.  Now you know what the climbing will be like, the number of routes or boulders, the climbers you expect to cater for, then we can help you plan the walls.  
Our wall building partner Dreamwall have some of the most experienced wall builders, designers and engineers in the industry.  You have already very likely climbed on projects they have already worked on.
Serious Climbing can be as involved as you want or need.  We could simply point you in the right direction, give you some pointers or we could manage the whole project from start to finish, delivering a fully equipped centre and hand you the keys.  We have solutions to suit most projects budgets and can help bring some realistic insight into a quite complicated sector.