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Pebbles - Large PU

Pebbles - Large PU

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From a similar inspiration to our The Cobbles, The Pebbles are influenced by the smaller and flatter stones found on the beaches of East Yorkshire and along the banks of the regions rivers. They too are worn perfectly round by time and the sea and create nice shapes to hold that are kind to your skin. As with all pebbles they encourage play. So we decided to stack them up, in little piles to create new shapes that add even more variety to climbing holds. The Pebbles create little voids, pockets and double edges as one pebble blocks another to obscure the shape of the pebble as a hold. As soon as you see one on a climbing wall you want to touch it. Is it a few balanced together or is it a ‘trompe l’oeil’ only made possible by careful carving, modern moulding techniques and the latest PU materials. Put them on overhanging terrain and the carefully placed ‘blocking’ pebbles can really be felt, quite literally, as they are in the way of your fingers, reducing your chance to take hold of what should have been a more useful hold. Add them to any children’s wall and they suddenly are exciting to hold and a lot more easy for smaller hands.

Brand: Rockcity

Material: PU

Texture: Textured

Size: Large

Number of items: 10

Fixing Type: Bolt On

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