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Circuit Breaker Bundle 3 - Blue

Circuit Breaker Bundle 3 - Blue

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We have worked with Cheeta to create our 'Circuit Breaker' bundles to help you break the back of any new circuit in a climbing gym.  Adding a great selection of Cheeta PU climbing holds that you can then select more to personalise your circuit, whilst saving 10% on our circuit starter bundle.

This promotion can be used with the bulk volume discounts we also offer, so you can accumulate the discounts to break down the cost of your new climbing gym. Don't worry, you don't have to be opening a new climbing gym, these Circuit Breakers will also be equally as good for topping up and improving an existing circuit or even for a home wall, just to gain from the savings.

This Bundle Contains:

Base: 004.01.XS-E, 004.02.XS-E, 004.03.XS-M

Volumholds:012.04.S-H,012.01.XS-H, 012.01.S-M, 012.05.S-M, 012.01.M-M

Urban: 018.01.S-M, 018.02.S-E, 018.01.M-E,018.01.XS-E, 018.02.XS-H, 018.03.S-H, 018.02.M-E, 018.03.M-E, 018.01.L-E, 018.02.L-E, 018.03.L-E, 018.04.L-E, 018.01.XL-E

Wave: 010.01.L-H, 010.02.L-E, 010.01.XL-E, 010.02.XL-E

Wings: 017.03.S-H, 017.04.S-M, 017.05.S-M, 017.03.M-M, 017.04.M-M, 017.05.M-M, 017.02.L-H, 017.02.XXL-M

Craters: 019.02.XS-H, 019.03.XS-H, 019.01.S-H ,019.02.S-H ,019.03.S-H, 019.01.M-M, 019.02.M-H, 019.03.M-H, 019.04.M-H, 019.02.L-E, 019.03.L-M, 019.04.L-E, 019.05.L-E

Boomerang: 021.01.XS-H, 021.02.XS-H, 021.01.S-H, 021.02.S-H, 021.03.S-H, 021.04.S-M, 021.05.S-M, 021.06.S-M, 021.01.M-H, 021.02.M-M, 021.03.M-M, 021.04.M-H, 021.01.L-H, 021.02.L-M, 021.03.L-M, 021.04.L-E, 021.05.L-E, 021.09.L-E, 021.01.XL-H, 021.01.XXL-H, 021.01.MEG-H

67 Sets

397 Holds

Brand: Cheeta

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