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Tall Tales

 The life of an IFSC Route Setter

Join Shauna Coxsey MBE as she hosts another industry insider event, TALL TALES.  The Life of an IFSC Route Setter, featuring two of the greatest names in Route Setting, Jacky Godoffe and Percy Bishton. Our guest speakers share the stage, a beer and some banter as they spill the beans on life behind the scenes setting World Cups and the Olympic Games and also the crazy 180 metre Verzasca Dam featured in the RED BULL DUAL ASCENT.



Join them for a no holds barred Q&A on climbing holds, walls, route setting, athletes, competitions and living life on the wild side of this creative art whilst navigating the conformity of the judges, the rules and the federations.  Keeping it very real and telling it like it is, this will be the highlight of this year's industry events.

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7.30pm - 10pm , 14th September

Unit E - The Climbing Works