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Fontainebleau Route Setting Course


Fontainebleau Route Setting with Jacky Godoffe

- Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June

- 9.15 to 18.00 with 1hr for lunch. Please bring your own packed lunch (local shops are 10 minutes walk away)

- £299 pp which includes a take home goody bag of Rockcity Fontainebleau holds worth at least £300


Font climbing… indoors!

Discover why Fontainebleau is the Mecca of world class bouldering and get your slabs dialled in across all grades on this course where we’ll be focusing on making the old school new again by setting outdoor-style boulder circuits rather than modern comp blocs.

This is your chance to learn from one the best and gain invaluable insights into creating technical routes that emphasise balance, precision, and intricate moves. 

Jacky will guide you through the principles and techniques that define the Font style. You'll discover how to set problems that challenge climbers both mentally and physically, using subtle movements and clever positioning to test their skills and adaptability.