All ranges of climbing holds from the world biggest and best climbing hold manufacturers. Select shapes and colours to complement your commercial climbing GYM’s hold inventory.

Take your setting to the next level with sets of holds from the Official iFSC T20 catalogue.

All climbing holds are made from resin such as PU and PE.

Also, check out Macros and Volumes.

Fixings – Bolts, T-Nuts and screws available here!

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Acid Line – Arsenic

£131.00 excl. VAT Didaks£157.20 incl. VAT

Alpha Edges-Slopers Giga

£51.00 excl. VAT Ibex£61.20 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 1

Antelope Mega 1

£112.00 excl. VAT Kando£134.40 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 2

Antelope Mega 2

£111.00 excl. VAT Kando£133.20 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 3

Antelope Mega 3

£145.00 excl. VAT Kando£174.00 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 5

Antelope Mega 5

£151.00 excl. VAT Kando£181.20 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 7

Antelope Mega 7

£126.00 excl. VAT Kando£151.20 incl. VAT
KANDO: Antelope Mega 9

Antelope Mega 9

£116.00 excl. VAT Kando£139.20 incl. VAT
ROCKCITY: Basic Sloper - Medium

Basic Sloper – Medium

£121.00£254.00 excl. VAT Rockcity£145.20 incl. VAT
ROCKCITY: Basic Slopers - Extra Large

Basic Slopers – Extra Large

£141.00£260.00 excl. VAT Rockcity£169.20 incl. VAT
ROCKCITY: Basic Slopers - Large

Basic Slopers – Large

£74.00£155.00 excl. VAT Rockcity£88.80 incl. VAT
ROCKCITY: Basic Slopers - Small

Basic Slopers – Small

£68.00£121.00 excl. VAT Rockcity£81.60 incl. VAT
URBAN PLASTIX:  Big Brick Xl 2 - Slopers UPX18 Slopers Hard

Big Brick Xl 2 – Slopers UPX18 Slopers Hard

£207.00 excl. VAT Urban Plastix£248.40 incl. VAT
EXPRESSION: Bleau Micro Slopers Pe

Bleau Micro Slopers Pe

£83.00 excl. VAT Expression£99.60 incl. VAT

Brushed Sandstone Large 2 – Plate Slopers – KX084

£116.00 excl. VAT Kilter£139.20 incl. VAT

Brushed Sandstone XL 4 – Slopers – KX082

£189.00 excl. VAT Kilter£226.80 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Feet Slopers Kc01001

Cobbles Feet Slopers Kc01001

£51.00£54.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£61.20 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Full-Line

Cobbles Full-Line

£1,309.00£1,375.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£1570.80 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles King Slopers Kc01008

Cobbles King Slopers Kc01008

£251.00£264.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£301.20 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Large Slopers Kc01004

Cobbles Large Slopers Kc01004

£182.00£192.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£218.40 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Medium Slopers Kc01003

Cobbles Medium Slopers Kc01003

£111.00£117.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£133.20 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Prince Slopers Kc01006

Cobbles Prince Slopers Kc01006

£134.00£141.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£160.80 incl. VAT
KINGDOM: Cobbles Queen Slopers Kc01007

Cobbles Queen Slopers Kc01007

£152.00£160.00 excl. VAT Kingdom£182.40 incl. VAT

Cobbles Slopers – L

£113.99 excl. VAT Rockcity£136.79 incl. VAT