Serious Climbing Distribution

Climbing Gyms

Building a completely new Climbing Gym?  Adding a new climbing wall to your facility?  We can help. 
Serious Climbing is a well-established exclusive distributor for many climbing gym products, including Dreamwall, the climbing wall manufacturer.  With 20 years of experience leading the innovations for one of the world's largest wall builders, the super talented and experienced Dreamwall team brings their own style and modern look to the market.  Now ahead of the competition thanks to the constant inventions of the experienced team.  Bringing boutique style to all gym spaces. 
Dreamwall designs specialise in making the most of your building.  The rent and overheads are fixed, as is the floor space of your building.  But how well can you design a project to get the best layout into it?  A well designed wall will give a greater return, financially and in climber satisfaction.  As your gym gets busy, you will soon realise how important this sentence was.  Rather than obsess f you can bring your overhead costs down per square metre of climbing wall surface.