All ranges of climbing holds from the world biggest and best climbing hold manufacturers. Select shapes and colours to complement your commercial climbing GYM’s hold inventory.

Take your setting to the next level with sets of holds from the Official iFSC T20 catalogue.

All climbing holds are made from resin such as PU and PE.

Also, check out Macros and Volumes.

Fixings – Bolts, T-Nuts and screws available here!

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ROCKCITY: Basic Jugs - Extra Small

Basic Jugs – XS – PE

£43.00 Rockcity
Working Class:  Footholds W09000 XS

Footholds XS W09000

£47.00 excl. VAT Working Class£56.40 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Footholds W09001 XS

Footholds XS W09001

£51.00 excl. VAT Working Class£61.20 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Great Plates W01001 XS

Great Plates XS W01001

£19.00 excl. VAT Working Class£22.80 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Ledges W05001 XS

Ledges XS W05001

£23.00 excl. VAT Working Class£27.60 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Limestone W04001 XS

Limestone XS W04001

£23.00 excl. VAT Working Class£27.60 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Sliders W02001 XS

Sliders XS W02001

£18.00 excl. VAT Working Class£21.60 incl. VAT
Working Class:  Vicegrips W12001 XS

Vicegrips XS W12001

£24.00 excl. VAT Working Class£28.80 incl. VAT