With The Olympic Games fast approaching the big question on everyone’s lips is ‘how will it affect the UK climbing gym business’


Well in an attempt to secure a very high class event the IFSC has carefully chosen the ‘creme de la creme’ of the worlds climbing holds, volume and macro producers and distilled it down to a very small group of brands that are already producing the official equipment to be used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games next July.

The big news here in the UK is that Rockcity, a UK producer of climbing holds has made the grade.  Rockcity, already part of the Serious family joins the likes of Flathold, Cheeta, Agripp, Expression and Kilter in the Serious stable also on the T20 list.  These brands selected for LEAD and BOULDERING join Volx who are the official hold partner for the IFSC/IOC for SPEED.

With this catalogue T20 being published early ahead of The Games for the sole reason of letting the national Teams and Competitors have the heads up on what will be used in the competition.

We believe that walls should be focusing on having the most important set of climbing wall equipment ever produced in your gym in 2020.


For those gyms that have made sure they have been using the IFSC World Cup holds, macros and volumes will already know the advantages of doing so.  Even beginner climbers are watching the televised 2019/2020 programs and are more ‘hold aware’ than indoor climbers ever have been historically.

As setters in UK gyms try to emulate the latest fashion in setting, like the hand jam that was replicated all over the UK after it turned the World Cup upside down when Adam Ondra won the round on this classic and highly niche move!

Most gyms are finding some space for Competition Style Blocs.  The closer to a World Cup bloc it looks, the more your climbers will do your social media work for you.  This is the feedback from the gyms that have harnessed the power of the IFSC World Cup events.

If it works for these events, it will certainly work for the world’s most prestigious competition.

How easy will it be for new climbers who first see indoor climbing on TV in The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to recognise this familiar style if your gym is already looking world class.


Its not just about the high end competition problems and routes, its easy to make all your climbers feel like Adam or Shauna by setting easy blocs on great holds and awesome moves.  Already the most successful gyms are offering ‘Comp Style’ to everyone in the gym.

Download the Catalogue T20 lists every hold set, every volume and every macro already ordered by the IOC for The Games.  If ever there was a list of what’s hot then this is it for 2020.

Comp Style not your thing?  We can help you select exactly what you need, using our knowledge of the most popular styles, the right tool for the right job and our running of climbing gyms within the Serious Climbing team.