Rockcity Cobble Slopers - XXL PU

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Dannomond Polyurethane, 3 Holds
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Cobbles Inspired by the larger stones found the beaches of East Yorkshire. They are worn perfectly round by time and the sea and they are nice to hold and kind to your skin and tendons. Our ‘Cobbles’ climbing holds echo that simplicity. Perfect shapes that are surprisingly easy on the hands that are a pleasure to hold compared to a lot of climbing wall grips. No sharp edges, encouraging the hand to remain open, reduce the chance of flappers so that even bigger moves on positive holds are easy to catch. You will be surprised how many of these shapes appear on a rock that has been shaped by the sea and wind over time. In particular, Fontainebleau has thousands of Cobble shaped holds, with its famous ‘elephant skin’ made up of many, many different cobble shapes.
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Brand Rockcity
Material PU
Texture Textured
Size 3XL*
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Fixing Type Bolt On