Clearance Holds

We know there’s a big difference between the life of a commercial climbing wall hold and the kind of holds you need to use at home. Commercial settings require bright, clean and clearly recognisable colours to help with the route setting and circuits. With all that rubber and chalk build up it’s pretty soon gone grey so the rest of the hold needs to scream out its colour to the climber.

Some of our brands factories produce ‘cosmetic seconds’. Typically these have a smudge of colour or a darker mark or even just the whole colour is slightly off from the factory and industry norms.  This, fortunately, means that there are cheap holds available for the home wall market.  With climbing holds being the most expensive part of any climbing wall project, commercial or DIY, then it’s great to be able to save a few ££s and get more for less.  

If you want a lot more for a lot less then buy some second hand holds. We have a very limited amount each year that comes out of our own gym. These are washed and put into sets, so you get some quality holds for a fraction of the new price, just because they are a bit discoloured.