Founded in 2012, Serious Climbing began as a specialist design and wall building company with a very diverse portfolio of projects. Since then as the climbing hold market has exploded, Serious Climbing Distribution has become the U.K. and Ireland's leading supplier of climbing wall products.  With the best climbing hold brands imported from all over the world, bringing the highest quality selection, across all materials. Leaving the wall building to others we focus on the holds, macros and volumes that go on them. 

Our team has vast experience within this industry. We are a strong team of Hold Shapers and Manufacturers, Route Setters, Climbing Wall Designers, Wall Builders, Climbing Gym Managers. With over 25 years of industry knowledge, there isn't anything we don't know about the world of artificial climbing walls and no other company comes close.  We can transform any commercial gym into a world-class facility, connecting you with the best route setting materials to suit your project.  Leaving wall building to others we focus on the holds, macros and volumes that go on them.


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Having worked with the large commercial wall builders, the DIY wall builders and smaller 'artisan' producers we know one thing for sure. The holds are more important than the panels they go on.  Your climbers know this too, so we are here to steer you through the maze of options and make sure you select the best tools for your route setters. Our industry is changing fast and what used to be a capital expense is now a consumable.  Don't worry, we have proven all our ideas at our own centre, so we know our advice and hold selection is guaranteed to transform any simple panel into a killer move or sequence.

We only sell quality products. We are razor sharp on fixing any problems and our industry experience means we know the difference and the standards required.
Respectful manufacturing practices. We are picky about who we work with and who we bring into your home or gym. All of our suppliers get asked about their manufacturing practices, and we visit them whenever we can. We do not tolerate child labour. We also favour brands with lower environmental impacts and are encouraging them to widen their green credentials.
We can access a large choice of brands, all selected for their quality of shapes, design, textures, materials and suitability for the job in hand.
We make this hassle-free, we deal with all of the importing hassle for you: paperwork, bank charges, and exchange rate variations, 
We offer our 'second-to-none' customer service, strategic advice regarding projects and products. Ask us anything, we really are here to help!

All in all… we help you create the best climbing experience out there, render your routes and problems more fun, for your own Home Wall project or for a commercial project or club to help you maximize your return on investment by delivering products that are of the highest possible quality. Serious, but Simple.